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Saving Education

South Side Of Chicago Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 9:30 AM
The top 45 schools showing the highest gains in Chicago last year were all public schools. 22 of the bottom 45 were charters. Charters and choice are not an automatic formula for success. The states with the lowest performing students are concentrated in the south in non-union states. Union teachers show greater success with students than their non-union counterparts. Not an opinion, this will be based on any amount of research you do on the subject.
Would you walk onto a reservation and call a Native American a Redskin to their face?
Sensible people: There should be a law about 9 year olds handling Uzis Dummies: You're trying to take my guns away!!!!!!!!!!
"Rebecca wrote about Common Core’s new standards for the AP US History exam, which leaves out inspiring details about our Founding Fathers and portrays America in a negative light." This shows a staggering misconception of the Common Core. There are no Common Core standards for AP US History. There is no such thing. The article that this buffoon author references talks about the liberal bias in the College Board's AP US curriculum. College Board is not Common Core. If you want to write about liberal bias in education, fine. There is, it's a liberal field. But don't try to write an article about Common Core as if you know anything about it and then completely discredit yourself by criticizing something that doesn't exist. Most people writing or criticizing CC standards have never read them, if they had they will see they do not contain expressing political values . If you claim they do, you haven't read them.
Black Americans are shot often by the police, many have been since Mike Brown's shooting. Some would be deemed justified (some would not) and no backlash like has occurred in Ferguson has followed. This leads to the question: what was going on in Ferguson between the police and the people to spark such a reaction? If Brown's shooting was somehow justifiable, his shooter can blame the past misdeeds of his colleagues for how the citizens are perceiving it.
This might be the best thing John Hawkins has written. It's a more honest insight into his character than his usual hokey lists and sarcasm. No, I don't think you (or other conservatives) hate any one group, if by hate you wouldn't wish or cause them direct harm. However, I think that you favor your own views and prosperity over the prosperity of others and cause them indirect harm as a result. Your values trump their marriage rights. Your values trump abortion rights. Your privilege trumps their affirmative action. Your accumulation of wealth trumps their need for a social safety net. You're a conservative, you care about yourself (and to an extent, those like you). I'm neither gay, a woman, a minority, poor or an immigrant. But the priorities of these groups sometimes trump my own because I am also an unapologetic Christian that learned that what I do unto the least of God's creatures I do unto Him. If you wonder why people think you don't like them, ask yourself, what are you doing to make them think otherwise?
"I'm a guy. I wish I was married and having sex all the time." You don't know a lot about marriage.
Good arguments, reciprocity between states should be automatic, not conferred by select states. This is the basis of the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution. So I hope the author of this article and those who agree with him will also logically conclude that a marriage license held between two men and legally conferred in Illinois should also be recognized in all 49 other states. Because a state's laws on the issue do not trump the Constitution or the full faith and credit clause. Marriage license, drivers license, concealed carry permit: recognize all three equally across state lines. Townhall magazine just Constitutionally proved there is no legal basis for a state not to recognize a legally performed gay marriage, nice job.
Brent Bozell is pathetic. His life's work was an attempt to sanitize the media and free it from what he deems obscene has had no effect. None. He has wasted his entire professional life. He is the Chicago Cubs of influential media pundits. What has the Media Research Center changed? Nothing. How have they "cleaned up" movies, TV and music? They haven't. Great job, Brent, you have done nothin with your life.
I don't like this being all about the Kochs, that's hypocritical. But I support anything that reduces the influence of money in politics. Much as I don't like what Citizens United created, it was a sound ruling based on what we view as Constitutional speech. That's why an Amendment is the only realistic way to reduce monied interests. I imagine the heart and goal of this Amendment would poll extremely high, Republicans might not want to dismiss it so swiftly.
The Bible endorses slavery, polygamy and holy wars, but it doesn't make them right. BTW, I'm a Christian and I don't eat meat, but I have no problem with hunting. I just don't like the premise of "the Bible says it's ok, so it is" to make a point.
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