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Here's a headline: "After Criticizing Zuckerburg, Townhall Won't Run Mohammad Image, Either"
I'm guessing a lot of conservatives who are showing solidarity with Charlie Hebdo haven't seen the rest of their normal anti-Christian cartoons. The one with Jesus sodomizing God might make them question their allegiance.
Based on the events leading up to these murders, this killer doesn't seem like someone who was hanging on every word of the Attorney General, President or mayor of New York. If you blame them for the murder of police, are they also sending some coded messages to shoot women, also? Because he shot his gf before shooting cops. Let's not take the actions of a disturbed person and attach them to legitimate grievances against excessive force by police.
I wish you all felt the same way about the police that you do about every other public sector employee union.
I'll remind you that you use that argument if they ever decide to prosecute Cheney for torture
"broadcast television is sleazier than ever" "Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog group in America." So basically, Brent Bozell is admitting that he and his organization are a collossal failure? That's a lot of wasted time and money just to have TV end up sleazier.
I'm not going to criticize CNN for lack of fart jokes if you don't criticize Comedy Central for lack of journalistic integrity. Because one is a news channel and the other makes jokes. Many a truth is said in jest and that's why the right hate Jon Stewart.
"Contrary to what you may hear from Jay-Z..." Jay Z is a married father and a multimillionaire capitalist. Sounds like he's the type of hero you want today's youth to emulate if you want to be successful.
" What are you, gay?" And Doug Giles hits a new low. This is a pretty stupid column for Doug to write if the point he is trying to make is "stop targeting trivial things, target Islam." Any perusal of Doug's columns over the years will see him outraging against lots of things other than Islam, including various media figures, cultural immorality and defending ChikFilA. What is the difference between this and being mad at Carls Jr.?
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Saving Education

South Side Of Chicago Wrote: Sep 04, 2014 9:30 AM
The top 45 schools showing the highest gains in Chicago last year were all public schools. 22 of the bottom 45 were charters. Charters and choice are not an automatic formula for success. The states with the lowest performing students are concentrated in the south in non-union states. Union teachers show greater success with students than their non-union counterparts. Not an opinion, this will be based on any amount of research you do on the subject.
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