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I used to be more critical to pope Francis every time I read about him in English press until somebody pointed out that the pope is speaking in Italian and write in Spanish. So whatever you read in English about him has been subjected to interpretation and translation. The left has been trying to coopted and portrayed the pope to be leftist. I personally no longer believe what I read about him in English press. I just watch what the pope does and so far I have not seen him changing any church doctrine.
You are too kind, sir.
I am confused here. It's not ok for Assad to gas the Rebels who are Al Qaeda, but it's ok for Obama to pulverize them with bombs from Drones?
Why is it a surprise? He is a typical liberal and liberal is no difference than the pharisee. A couple thousand years ago, my lord had said that the pharisee was like a tomb. Nice looking from the outside, but it's rotten inside.
Why is this damn foreigner still blabbering about our law which he has no business to bud in? This damn british foreigner only has a privilege to live and earn a damn good living in my country. I am sick and tired listening his noise. I can't believe there isn't a single American with the same or better talent to do his job.
Before you get cockier, I'll teach you a simple math from your own lefties media source: Wapo/ABC poll. According to your own buddies in these outfits, obama will lose 13% of his 2008 votes to Romney. He won by 53%in 2008 and 13% of 53% is 6.9%. That means he will only get 46-47% of votes this time. I hope you can figure out the rest.
If obama wins second term, he won't be like Woodrow Wilson because there wo't be USA. The country will collapse in less than 4 years and Red states will succed from the union and USA will split just like USSR.
The headline should be: Vice President Paul Ryan VS union thug from loading dock in NYC port Joe Biden.
when you change something to defame someone, it's not a liar behavior. it is a criminal behavior. my question to all the lefties, will you do this kind of behavior to your own children, sibling or any of your families?
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Can You Trust the Mainstream Media?

southernsense Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 7:13 PM
can you trust the media? yes, you can. Just become a democrat.
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