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What's the matter, Janet....did your guy fail you? What about all that hope and change he fed to you and the other Hispanics, relatives of people who are being deported? I guess you should know by know that you get what you pay for.
Oh sure, Suzie Q. Like we believe what you have to say, huh? More lies from the most open administration in history. It's a joke, right? Pitiful at best.
I keep hoping that they all fall off the face of the earth ASAP. The outright lies that come from MSNBC along with people such as the fearless leader himself and his daily storyteller, Jay Carney are beyond the pale.
Poor Chad. Even with a bronze plan, he will have to pay $6000/year deductible before his "affordable" health care kicks in. LOL!!!! Good luck, stupid.
How can you say that Cuccinelli hates women and gays? Stop being such a narrow thinker. Are you still fixated on the vag probe issue? That's long gone. As for the gays....what are you talking about? At least you have figured out that Cuccinelli is the better person for the job and not the empty-suited McAuliffe.
McAuliffe is a opportunist. Virginians should take a look at what he plans to do about gun control when he is elected. Anyone who votes for this empty suit needs his/her head examined.
If the people of VA vote McAuliffe in as their governor, they all need their heads examined. This man has been and still is on the take. He is only interested in himself, nothing else. A Clinton insider, be ware.
DWS, the poor loser. She never mentions the well-document voter issues during the November 2012 presidential election, does she? How can she possibly be the face of the Democratic party. OMG! A face no mother wants to look at.
Shamed and humiliated? That happened long ago.
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