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obama is one of the chief instigators trying to take the Black man's freedom from owning guns away. The Black man really needs guns more than any other because they live closer to the battle field. I am sorry to say that, but it is the truth. Don't let them disarm you. Only the thugs will have guns where you live. Help us fight for our 2nd amendment right.
You are right. American Citizens have the right to own any gun that is legal. Just like citizens owns a $100,000 car when they could get by with a $30,000 car, or some people have 15 places to fish, some people bank at 10 different places, some people have 100 pair of shoes, coins, cards, jewelry, and on and on. A shotgun with 00 buck is just as dangerous as an AR 15. Some people don't know what they are talking about. O'Reilly needs to shut up.
Bill O'Reilly made the comment/question: Why would anyone need an AR 15 for hunting. After all, if the swat team comes to your house to get you, they will get you. Any law abiding citizen realizes that. My local newspaper showed a goofy cartoon showing a citizen holding a rifle and looking up at a drone flying by. I guess the newspaper did not have enough room on the page to include the other 200,000,000 gun owners.
It takes a lot of courage and character to put our freedom before profit. If the American Gunowners will only do business with the Gun Companies that are standing by us,,,,,Smith and Wesson,,,,,are you listening. The Gun Industry directly and indirectly employs MILLIONS of American Citizens. Many businesses feed off the Gun Industry. Billions of Dollars are made in personal family income and Billions are paid in taxes to local States. Why is the government trying to destroy this?????????
They probably suspect an uprising when the government can not pay the citizens their entitlements as promised before the election. It is going to be bad if that happens. Hope it does not. Bad for the Country. The Civil War was a tragedy.
Supreme Court ruled that the government can not ban a particular class of weapons.
People like Feinstein, Bloomberg, Coumo, and the rest of the foreigners have lost touch with reality.
The AR 15 does not stand for assault rifle. The AR is the name of a gun company that made some of the original AR 15s. Nothing more dangerous with the AR 15. Most of the guns have the same capacity as the AR 15 to do what it was made to do. And that main thing is to protect you from the thugs in HIGH PLACES and thugs in LOW PLACES.
Just because you call an apple an orange doesn't make it an orange. A gun is a gun. All are dangerous. So is a car, electricity, planes, ladders, soft drinks, cigarettes, DUIs. A shotgun with 00 buck is just as dangerous as an AR 15. A single shot revolver kills just the same as an AR15. Semi-auto rifles are just as dangerous as an AR15. Get off your stupidity, you moron liberal foreigners.
Self defense of your life don't have anything to do with guns. If you have to defend your life, you can use a knife, bat, pipe, broken glass bottle, I can go on and on. Why bring in guns with the right of self defense. If you do have a gun, you can use that also. The current laws gives you the right to defend yourself with what ever you got....in other words,,,,,,we don't need the 2nd Amendment to defend our life. The 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to own guns period. Completely different story.
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