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Why pay such high wages for three union workers' efforts when it only takes one person to get a job done? Let them go ... and never look back. Unions are going the way of the dinosaur - extinct! RIGHT TO WORK!
Ssshhhh: Hoffa is stuffed in Debra Wasserman's rear side ... pass it on.
EX-ACT-LY! Why should we let them have such a critical role in our supply chain and economic health?!? I say let them strike ... and good luck finding a new job.
It's time to clean house. Let them strike and replace them with RIGHT-TO-WORK employees. Time to stop the insanity. No longer let their threats drive decisions in their favor. They want to strike in this day and age - then go do it and good luck finding another job. Unions are a joke that need to be canned.
The moronic union members don't see that they are only fighting for the fat cats up top who are rolling in the bucks. Talk about being blinded ... ! Only the weak fear competition so I think their tantrums speak for themselves. RIGHT TO WORK all the way!
I bleed American red ... Moore bleeds gravy ... I'm just saying.
"Now, not every house has a gun but we’ve got over a quarter-billion guns in people’s homes. And they’re mostly in the suburbs and rural areas where there is virtually no crime and no murder." By Moore's own logic, he supports the 2nd Amendment. The suburban and rural areas own most of the guns and have virtually no crime - because .... ? They're well-protected and no one would dare commit a violent crime with the risk of being shot?!? Oh, and urban areas don't have guns? Yes, they do - the reason why urban areas have the highest crime rates is because most of the guns are in the possession of CRIMINALS. Moore - your own logic torpedoed any efforts you make to tighten gun control. Thank you for supporting our perspectives.
It wasn't a landslide - just look at the popular vote. Oh, and what about those districts in swing states like Ohio that had 100% voting for Obama. That's statistically impossible!! And that's why the Left doesn't want Voter ID - so they can commit fraud at the polls and keep their moronic "leaders" in office.
Half the nation agrees with Castro, Chavez, and Putin - socialism and communism regimes. And they consider themselves to be Americans? The Left cannot go toe-to-toe with any conservative ... so they always resort to "racist" and "sexist".
Wow - sounds like he's pleading for vote. "Get out there and vote" and force your friends & relatives to the polls. Push the button for them. In return, I'll give you a personally autographed pictures of myself: King Obama. Three cheers, hip hip hooray! (Man, I need sleep.) Obama knows it's close, is panicking, and pleading for votes. Pathetic.
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