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I am A inter city black,who is right of the center..I will tell what is fact here and what is maybe or perhaps..or flat out foolishness..1 2 7 8 12 15 foolish 4 5 6 13 perhaps maybe...3 10 14 are facts in my world.
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Frowning Upon Jesse

SOUL-brother Wrote: Aug 27, 2013 3:39 AM
Well now, you have started off, well then you went off the deep end.Yes Jesse and all the likes,are in fact media appointed black leaders.No one in the hood selected these men to do anything.Yes abortion is in fact genocide of the people in the hood.I after site this fact to blacks ,when I speak about,blacks joining the GOP.But to make Jesse A Nazi,because of that Hymie town comment is just foul,and you know it.
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Are We Serious About Education?

SOUL-brother Wrote: Aug 14, 2013 1:15 AM
No we are not!! "And Dr Sowell you know it".Urban schools,are so under funded and yes way under cared for,,As we sent aid to other counties ,who vote against American interest in the U N...We just don't care..
Wow,, I know why,,"You are on the payroll of big business",who demand low cost labor, so they can pay you too,, Can you say Duke Cunningham?
I agree with you too.But if we were told, we can have free land in the morning,but you went out late at night and took your land,when I was sleeping ,how cause I get the same land as you??? You had a head start and you refused to tell the truth.That's how many white got ahead of blacks.But most white are poor like most blacks.Even with a white person's head start.
thanks I try.
I am one of those blacks that you speak of, but one cannot discount the few racists in our midst.If he is a cop look out,one could be in jail for decades and innocent.
Ok ,but where is the white leader, giving the same message to the poor white majority?What do U white call a whiteman who tells whites to get off welfare and go to work.It sickens me,that there is no talk about the 50 million poor whites,getting there life together.I guess 18 million poor blacks is a bigger problem
You are also right,,,Reagan would not fit in with to days GOP.They went to far to the Right.Many are ol Dixiecrats.
You are so so right about this person.
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