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The Youth on Abortion

Sorceress Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 7:47 PM
I have never understood why the public is funding Planned Parenthood. By the way, shouldn't they be charged with false advertising for calling themselves Planned "Parenthood"? Their biggest goal is to destroy the very thing that makes a man and woman a parent - the child.

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, has set their sights on college-aged women – preying on them in their moments of crisis and panic. We must expose Planned Parenthood as the big abortion business that they are -- and show young people just how Planned Parenthood is profiting off of them.

According to research Students for Life of America published last June, a majority of young people do not even know Planned Parenthood does abortions, and often have a "favorable" view of the abortion Goliath.

This generation is opposed to abortion. Every poll confirms this fact. But when...