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'Real School Employees of Buffalo': Taxpayers Pick Up Tab for Plastic Surgeries, 5-Star Hotels and Limousines

Sorceress Wrote: Nov 29, 2012 9:25 PM
These are not business people. These are administrators who are supposed to be running a school district. They do not have very many reasons to leave the district. The current tendency of school districts to find any reason possible to travel outside the district and eve the state, show that they do not have a handle on their proper job - running the school district. When there is a deficit as deep as is the district in Buffalo, all travel should have been curtailed along with limos, surgeries and any non-academic juggernauts.

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Just call them the “Real School Employees of Buffalo.”

Like the rich folks in the famous television show with the similar name, employees of Buffalo Public Schools routinely spend a great deal of money on extravagant things like plastic surgery, airline travel, expensive hotels and limousines.

The only difference is that the wealthy people in “Real Housewives” are spending their own money. In Buffalo they’re throwing around taxpayer dollars.

EAGnews recently completed an inspection of credit card records and the check registry for the City of Buffalo School District in 2011....