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Problems Solutions and Trade Offs

Sorceress Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 9:45 PM
Wow. A lot of hate going on in the comments today. Here's a thought: Abortion is the murder of a child. There is no other definition available or correct. That's a human being in there. Killing it for the convenience of the couple who "goofed" and failed to use contraception doesn't make it less than murder. Abortion as contraception is abhorrent no matter how you look at it. There are a tiny few reasons to terminate (i.e. kill) a baby and those few reasons should be carefully studied by the physician and the parents before being used. Never be casual about abortion.
Occasionally, a columnist must issue an apology for something he wrote that, while seeming correct at the time, later proved to be misguided. Today, is one of those occasions where I must take the time to write a retraction concerning a column I wrote some time ago. Although it has been roughly four years since the column appeared, I am still compelled to offer an apology.

The issue concerns the use of pictures of the aftermath of abortion and whether the pictures should be displayed on college campuses, which are obviously populated by scores of women who have, in...