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Obama's Hate Couture Divas

Sorceress Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 11:45 PM
Hey. Thanks in part to the current economy, I can only afford to buy my "fashion" at Wall Mart or Target. Ask me if I care what a bunch of pretenders whose clothing I would not wear even if I could afford to have to say about their products. Most of it is just so much wasted cloth as far as I am concerned.
Talk about wearing your politics on your sleeve. An elitist clique of fashion designers has banded together to raise money for celebrity-in-chief Barack Obama and browbeat their customers into supporting him. Even worse, the Beautiful People who dress the Powerful People are putting increased pressure on conservatives to stay out of the business altogether.

Out: Haute couture. In: Hate couture.

In February, high-dollar bag-makers, cosmetics gurus and clothiers offered their services to help fill Obama's campaign coffers. Nearly two dozen gurus billed their enterprise as "Runway to Win: A Project by Fashion Designers in Support of the Obama Victory Fund." Campaign finance experts...