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Feminists: Leave My Boys Alone

Sorceress Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 7:14 PM
A friend once told the story of how when she gave a doll to her son, he immediately tore off the head, filled it with candy and passed it around to everyone in the room. I assume this kid grew up to be a manly man. In these days of first person shooter games and games with monsters to be defeated, most boys take great pleasure in overcoming the evil threats and being the toughest, strongest player. Where competitions that are not scored exist, (so no one will feel hurt by being a loser), no wonder that electronic games have become so prevalent in young boys' lives.
alopekos teumesios Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 10:04 PM
It's too bad that video games are such a sedentary, indoor activity that stunts a child's ability to focus on the printed page and triggers insatiable desire for more visual stimulation and CG action. Ultimately, they won't become tough or strong sitting on their butts all day and can't take on evil threats in real life.

This past week an episode of Sesame Street set off a firestorm of debate over whether a boy muppet named Telly should be ashamed that his muppet friends caught him playing with dolls.

In one corner "traditionalists" who called out the episode as gender and sex confused. In the other "modern feminists" who were offended by almost everything the traditionalists said and believe.

In light of these op-eds and arguments I decided to do a bit of personal surveying for myself.

I popped the question to my bride and her best friend as the two couples were headed to...