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Do We Really Have to Pay for All This?

Sorceress Wrote: Apr 22, 2013 4:36 AM
A big part of the problem with golden parachute retirement packages and overly generous salaries with huge benefits is that all the financial arrangements were made by the recipients and not by those who were ultimately going to have to pay them. If all government and public employee salaries were tied private sector benefits, at least they might be more in line with reality. When Congress decides it wants more money, they simply vote themselves higher paychecks. What the heck is that about? Maybe a stipend for actual work performed might be a good idea. Only if a politician is at the desk doing the job should he (she) be paid at all.

There are legitimate debates about public policy issues. Those discussions do not have to be turned into demonizing the other side as Al Gore stylized regarding Global Warming and Paul Krugman now personifies regarding our massive deficit and debt. We had one of those discussions the other night which we all should explore.

The debate we had was regarding the financial crisis facing the City of Los Angeles due to retirees’ health and pension benefits. This crisis is not exclusive to Los Angeles. Most municipal and state governments face similar challenges. In addition, it is agreed that the largest budget challenges...