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You want to stand back a bit from that. Just in case.
Someone just needs the courage to tell this bunch of atheists to get a life of their own. There is nothing in the Constitution that requires a separation of church and state. It isn't there. Doesn't exist anywhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. In fact, it is quite the opposite. What part of the following statement does this bunch of idiots not understand? "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof." How hard is that to understand? The "free exercise thereof" does not say where, when or how it is to be done. It only guarantees the right to do so wherever, whenever and however a person desires. Praying in school? Not prohibited by the Constitution. Praying before a meal in a public place? Not prohibited by any part of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Celebrating your religion with like minded persons by offering them a discount on your product or service? Not prohibited anywhere. Atheists, get a life! No one is threatening your little empty lives with religion. Stop trying to make everyone as miserable as you obviously are.
He was a lame duck the minute he took office for the second time. Since he cannot be re-elected (legally) and unless he declares himself dictator for life, there is nothing he can't do (At least in his mind) that he will have to answer for.
What other recourse? Grab a few uniformed police, march up to the White House (or the nearest posh country club) and arrest the perp. Cuff him and toss him in jail. He broke the law. Spending a couple of years in prison would do the guy good and would be extremely beneficial for the country. Maybe we could get some of his other illegal acts and constitutional violations straightened out while we are at it. All it takes is the courage to do it. None of the politicians currently in Washington have shown that they have any backbone at all. They are too busy trying to figure out ways to distance themselves form any fall out if someone else gets brave enough to put the criminal in chief out on the street where he belongs.
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No Facts, No Peace

Sorceress Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 5:42 PM
A solemn and unamusing column from an acerbic lady. Sad, but true. The presstitutes never the truth get in the way of a good story. Never mind if they are contributing to violence and misperceptions regarding the police. The story is the thing and this one promised to be a "biggie". Once the facts are out and the press can no longer beat their favored drum, they slink off into the night. Bet they didn't even leave tips in the hotels and restaurants.
I have never understood the inclination of "helicopter" parents who somehow believed that children should have "eyes on" 24/7. How can children become independent and self sufficient if no one allows them to be alone once in a while? I spent many happy hours alone exploring, riding my bicycle six or seven miles to the swimming pool at the local park, walking the mile to and from school events. I was what is called a "loner". I liked being alone much of the time even though I had friends to spend time with also. I baby sat other children from the time I was 12 years old. It was one of the few ways to get some spending money for young people. We (all children at that time) were taught basic rules about strangers, how to cope with various emergencies or minor disasters, etc., and then turned loose. I remember my mom telling us to "be back in time for dinner" as we headed out the door in the morning. We knew we were safe and able to deal with anything that came our way. Kids these days can't seem to step out the door unaccompanied and without a cell phone. To think that a nine year old couldn't play i his own yard without someone hovering around the entire time is ludicrous. We really need the government to get the heck out of the lives of the people of this country. All grown up now. Able to take care of ourselves and our children without government rules and regulations. Oh, and if I want to hold a bake sale at my kids' school to raise money, a certain first female can keep her double wide behind out of my business.
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The Media and the Mob

Sorceress Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 8:22 AM
Good heavens! A reasoned column. Thank you for pointing out the useless and dangerous habit of trying a case in the media. What we do know as facts are that Brown was black and Wilson was white. There were witnesses who gave conflicting accounts of what they saw happen. Wilson was injured at some point. Wilson shot Brown multiple times. As information becomes available, it is dribbled out by the media. Some of it is posed as detrimental to one side or the other. We know that Jesse Jackson and his ilk are desperate to make this some sort of racist killing instead of whatever it may turn out to be. We also know that the press is complicit in stirring up feelings against the police and contributed to the rush of activists who poured into Ferguson to protest, loot or whatever they felt was appropriate. What we don't know is what actually took place between the two men or why exactly it went down the way it did. Thanks to all the hoopla and speculation, we probably never will.
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Death of a Teenager

Sorceress Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:00 AM
Since you admit you do not know the details of this event, why are you saying that Brown "needlessly died a violent death". You must admit that you do not know the circumstances that lead to the shooting. Back off entirely or just keep putting your two cents in. Your choice. You might want to consider that this young man was not a teenager. At 18, you become an adult who is responsible for all actions. You can sign contracts, enlist in the military, vote in all elections. Given the size of this man, it begs credulity to describe him as a "teenager". The reason that the name of the police officer was not released is quite simply that his life would be (and now is) in danger from the rabid reaction that has been encouraged by the race panderers such as Jesse Jackson. The reason that all the details were not provided instantly is that it takes time to put together all the witness stories and the evidence. It would have been irresponsible to start putting out half truths and incorrect information. Calling in Eric Holder was absolutely unnecessary and contributed to confusion and anger. Had the community let the police investigate the entire set of events, this could have been just another simple police shooting with the outcome decided on the evidence. To imagine that police are running around looking for young black men just to shoot them is the most egregious of racists attitudes put forth by agitators who have flooded the streets. Many of these trouble makers have come from far away to get in on the "fun" of looting and burning, protesting something that didn't happen the way it has been portrayed. Let the truth come out. Your column does nothing to contribute to that truth. (By the way. Officer Wilson is in hiding and in fear for his life. We do know that he is an officer with a spotless record.)
The pro-life person was a student? If so, yes she had a right to be there. As for violence. I wonder if the professor realizes just how violent an abortion (i.e. death) is to the baby?
The column says "teenager" as if this were just an innocent boy. At 18 he became an adult - a man. He may have been unarmed when he was shot, bu stop trying to portray him as a "boy". He was more than six feet tall, weighed near 300 pounds and was legally a man. A man, by the way, who had just strong arm robbed a convenience store. Bring a little balance to the story. Are there questions about his death? You bet. But it doesn't help to try to prejudice the public with well meaning, but misleading information.
I believe that withdrawing funding from that office was well within the powers granted to Perry as Governor of Texas. Sadly, he was attempting to get Ms. Lehmberg to resign. Had she done so, the matter would have been quietly dealt with. She chose to further embarrass herself with this ridiculous lawsuit. Thereby proving that "Democrat" (i.e. Liberalism) is a mental disorder.
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