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Education and Transportation: We Have No Idea How Much Money We Spend on Conferences

Sooner Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 4:03 PM
You misunderstand. She isn't saying that the Republicans did that, she is telling you the White House spin i.e. that they are cutting meals to seniors because the Republicans wouldn't raise taxes...again.

We've been hearing for days now about the major damage $85 billion in sequester cuts will do to the country however, during an Oversight and Government Reform hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, representatives from the Education and Transportation Departments were clueless as to how much money has been spent on department conferences.

Republican Rep. Jim Jordan asked Education Department Deputy Secretary Anthony Miller and Transportation Department Deputy Secretary John Porcari how much money has been spent on travel, conferences and consultants. Jordan was told the departments do not think additional savings can be found when it comes to conference...