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When I was told that people came here illegally to perform the jobs that Americans won't do, Sex Slavery was not the first vocation that came to mind.
The last time I checked, rape was still on the books as a criminal act. However, a law is a sufficient constraint only upon those willing to be constrained. A determined rapist will commit their crimes regardless of the law, for we are a brutish race and will remain so until the end of days. Those who believe that one can teach crime away cling to the progressive fallacy of perfectible human nature. Far better that women learn to defend themselves than cleave to this false faith..
Arguments will no doubt be: 1. I didn't break the law. 2. I broke it for a good cause, so it wasn't a crime on balance. 3. I commited a crime, but it wasn't a HIGH crime. 4. Racist!
Apparently, if the President does it, it isn't a crime. Who knew Nixon was so far ahead of his time?
Oh, don't be so hard on Opie. That's the Press Secretary's job - go out and make his or her boss look as good as possible. All things considered, this was a Herculean task and I'm impressed that he stuck with it for as long as he did without turning to hard drugs.
True, there are some jobs that, once you leave them, you have to go out and turn tricks in the parking lot to regain a sense of dignity. He may be in that parking lot a long, long time.
It would seem even Beltway Jay has his limits.
"This is not a scandal. This is an innate problem with bureaucracy that existed long before Obama took office." If it was a problem with the speed with which documents were processed or treatments were approved, then it would be a bureaucratic problem. Here, the documents were forged to ensure the employees collected bonuses while the patients languished at home, dying of their afflictions. That is criminally scandalous. Whether these conditions existed prior to President Obama taking office is irrelevant - the issues were know to him prior to his taking office, he's been in office for over 5 years, and nothing has changed.
Shinseki has resigned, as many believe he should, but it is symbolic at best. His resignation does not fix any of the horrific problems within the VA. This is but one head of many which need to roll. I'm not blaming the President for this because, honestly, I no longer think he has any more idea what is going on around him than does a potted plant.
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