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Headline: Grimes one-ups St. Peter.
Well, I guess that's one way to force employers to drop their insurance policies and drive their employees into the exchanges...
I think I see the game here. I suspect they want her to use the Muslim name, which would be an implicit admission that she was Muslim at one time and is now, therefore, and apostate. The official document would be used as a sworn and official confession of sorts, which would allow them to toss her back into prison.
Trey Gowdy's grilling was harsh, but unless his words are married to action, they are but words. And there will be no action, I suspect.
It's not just that - the e-mails are recorded on the SMTP servers. No report has stated that those servers crashed (yet) and those are the records which must be maintained to be in compliance with retention laws. Failure to do so is a crime, and (if I remember rightly) ill intent is permited to be assumed when such files go missing, even if it was truly by accident.
If they went from contracting with Sonasoft to contracting with another company, that's one thing - Sonasoft may have been underbid or the IRS may have found a better service. However, if they ended the contract with Sonasoft and didn't replace them, then that is deeply suspicious. The timing alone makes for "bad optics". For people trying to avoid the appearance of a scandal, they are an inept bunch. That, or they take us for fools.
"This has to be divine intervention by God to stop the witch hunt of Lois Lerner." ---- So, God smote the IT department. Sounds plausible. Though if it were truly a witch hunt, perhaps "A wizard did it" is just as good. Stupid Voldemort...
So her hard drive crashed and destroyed all of her e-mails for that period, the SMTP server crashed and destroyed all of her e-mails from that period, and all paper copies she was required to maintain from that period fell into a shredder somewhere. That could totally happen completely by accident. Sure...
Oh, I agree with you, but you must remember who is in charge of those decisions at the moment.
One of the problems with any type of intervention is that we would be in the rather awkward position of attacking the same people we, only months ago, considered arming in Syria.
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