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The answer to your first two questions is that this is a fragment - the larger document is lost and we may never know the context. The answer to your third question is that it did not give a full name as such because it didn't feel the need, If it is a document of a religious origin and the name 'Jesus' is used, then it is generally understood who they are talking about - kind of like discussing American history, hearing the name 'Washington', and wondering if they are really talking about Bob Washington. On the other hand, Jesus was not that uncommon of a name, and if the larger document was talking about somebody else, then the in wouldn't need a last name in context.
More that likely - the surest way to avoid promoting those who don't think like you is to avoid hiring them in the first place.
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Poll: Brown 49; Shaheen: 44

Sooner Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 3:56 PM
One step at a time, sir, one step at a time. Fabianism has been a tactic of the left for a long time - perhaps employing it on the right is long overdue.
If they are able to bring suit, remember that they are suing Michigan - even if they win, there's no money to collect.
The offending clause has been removed from the contract. That does not mean the the practice suggested by that clause has likewise been terminated. It only means that it can continue while not being explicitly documented.
When power is the end, the means are irrelevant. Or so it would seem.
Only 100% turnout? Slacker... When you consider that dissenters are cast into “re-education” camps, mentally and physically brutalized, and left to rot, it should come as no surprise that nobody would cast a dissenting vote – that’s like volunteering to get a butt whipping. I would hope that someday the North Korean people would decide that they had had enough and toss these monsters out on their collective ears, but they may been beaten too far down to ever rise again. At least, during my lifetime.
Everyone on this board is dumber for having read your post. I award you zero points for your answer, and my God have mercy on your soul.
All things considered, the State Department is probably searching the Internet to find a YouTube video that they can blame this crisis on. Seriously, the US will not respond with military force, and Europe doesn't have the will to respond with economic force. The Ukrainians will suffer and we will do nothing but give well-scripted speeches about how sad it all is.
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