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Winning Ugly: Obama and the Fiscal Cliff

Sonors Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 8:30 AM
The creep is a disgusting Marxist. How this country elected him again is beyond me.
NewJAl Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 9:06 AM
Absolutely. Millions are hearing the words and not paying attention to the EO's and actual behaviors. His contempt for the middle class oozes out, while he keeps saying he is on their side. Many, once middle class, are now forced into food bank lines and food stamps, and the poor are poorer. One demographic I think he especially hates is the sort that moved away from his darlings, as he community organized, in Chicago. While not all white, the term for them is 'white flight'.
If you do not have enough discontented masses to change to use for Marxist or Socialist goals, create more. That is his actions, and his words are lies.

By all accounts, President Obama won the fiscal cliff showdown. Why anyone would take much pride in this kind of "win" is beyond me. It's a bit like being the least filthy toddler in the mud pit.

One of the main reasons Obama won, according not only to Obama but an at times cheering press, is that he had a mandate. He ran on the need for the wealthy to "pay their fair share."

To his credit, Obama never said raising taxes on the "rich" will solve all of our problems. What he did say, however,...