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No. Race hustling and extortion is very lucrative.
Read between the lines. The fact that out of wedlock births, divorce rates, crime, and support of homosexuality are rising among established Hispanic immigrants just says that they have become Democrat liberalized. What they don't realize is that this is the exact same path that Blacks traveled on their way to the bottom. Just as surely as they have attached themselves and sold their souls to big government and the Democrat party assures that they will share the same destiny.
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Politics and Minimum Wage

Chicken George Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 11:24 AM
THE COST OF IGNORANCE: Today's young people are not educated. Students in poor communities are passed through the school system because of bad behavior and each child has $10-15 thousand dollars of taxpayer money paid to the school. Thus as a recent 17 or 18 year high school grad, many are lucky if they can read or do math on a 4th or 5th grade level. So when they hear things like "The Democrats take care of the poor people;" or "The Democrats provide free health care, Obama phones, etceteras; and they want to increase the minimum wage, they buy into it. They don't put together the concept that raising the minimum wage is not good if you can't get hired because that wage is too high.
It's called the free market. It works. You either have a good product or you don't. Get over it.
I can see why a narcissist communist would see the benefits of an apology tour. He knows he can dupe the american people anytime he wants. He also knows that he will always be loved and adored by the left. He knows he can go to any college campus and receive the same adoration that catapulted him into the White House, He can apologize all he wants to, but why the hell would I believe him?
Because it's in a book you don't believe the man's son is dead?
Why would King Obama care what people think as long as he accomplishes the destruction of America? Besides, it's his second term. Once he is out of office he will join with Gore and Soros, give America the finger and laugh all the way to the bank. Do forget he will always be loved and adored by big business, the Hollywood elite, all college campuses and all minorities. He will survive those numbers for now.
Benghazi. After seeing the 60 minutes piece I hope they hang miss piggy with it.
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"Not One of Us"

Chicken George Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 3:50 PM
He will be relegated to "the dustbins of history." You really need to think about that. Obama is a radical progressive liberal leftist. He will always be welcomed on college campuses to drill his Marist philosophy into the young gullible cheering minds and professors. I promise you, he will be all around the world championing gay marriage, global warming, the destruction of capitalism and the West and exciting thousands as to how terrible the United States is. Don't fool yourself by thinking he's going away. If you don't know anything else, know that King Obama is a devout narcissists who has to be in the limelight to live without an adoring audience and people dumb enough to believe what he says.
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Race-Hustling Results

Chicken George Wrote: Oct 23, 2013 3:27 PM
Speaking about hustlers, part of being liberal, progressive, Democrat is the constant mantra that you can't make it without them and the government; and, they will go so far as to ruin the economy, put as many people on welfare, drive as many people as possible out of business and raise taxes so high that you can't make it just to prove their point.
Walmart is big, valuable and I'm glad. Obama and the libs will do everything possible to destroy it because it epitomizes capitalism. They can't wait to get the unions in there to start the distraction.
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