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What is not known is Hilary probably doesn't want to be president as badly as Bill and the democrats wants her to be. In his book "The Amateur," the author Edward Klein writes that Bill wanted Hilary to challenge Obama. She said she wasn't up to it. Bill responded by saying that 2016 would be their last chance otherwise they would be too old. Hilary isen't presidential material. As far as intellect and leadership ability is concerned, she's no smarter then Obama. If she were to run and win the Democrats know that the real president will be Bill.
The good ol race card never fails.
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A Sad Day at American

Chicken George Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 3:33 AM
Liberalism wins. Dumb, ignorant, morally deprived and no respect for the sanctity for human life. What kind of future does America have?
How many of you would bet your barn that Sheila Jackson Lee has read the Constitution?
You have understand something, the Congressional Black Caucus is not in place for the good of the country. Thank about. What purpose do they serve other than to make sure racism continues and stays in the forefront of American politics. When have you ever heard any of these people say anything that actually made sense? How many of you actually think that Al Sharpton was hired by MSNBC to report objective new?
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The Profligate Path to Servitude

Chicken George Wrote: Mar 12, 2014 11:39 PM
This debt is just plain insanity and dangerous. I wasn't there to witness it and liberals today will tell you that it didn't happen, but I do know that the market crash of 1929 did happen and can and will happen again. When politicians have to have money to buy votes (power) and use that power to increase poverty, it creates a dangerous bubble that at some point will burst.
People can't be so stupid that they don't know that NYC, Chicago, Detroit, all of California and Obama are owned by the unions? How you think he got elected?
The kids of the people that put this communist in office go to good private schools.
I worry more about producing good decent human beings who can care more about the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Has it accrued to you that people of different races get married everyday all over this big wide world and they don't have to put sheets over their heads to do it.
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Will Jeb Bush Run in 2016?

Chicken George Wrote: Jan 30, 2014 5:10 PM
Jeb just doesn't get it. We don't need anymore RINO's. He just needs to go play golf with Obama or something and stop wasting his time.
No. Race hustling and extortion is very lucrative.
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