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Senate Democrats on Budget Progress: Never Mind, Actually

SonofaVet Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 2:56 PM
Once a rock guitarist, always a rock guitarist. Last time I saw him play his axe (a year or so ago), he still has some pretty decent chops at his age. Uncle Ted's contribution won't be humongus, but he does have enough of following to say that he can influence some people.

Consistency can be strangely comforting at times, so feel free to take refuge in the knowledge that one can always count on Senate Democrats to do the wrong thing sooner or later.  Yesterday we wrote about Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad's welcome decision to "mark up" an elusive Democrat-proposed budget.  Despite the strong probability that Harry Reid would block a floor vote on anything the committee produced, we still awarded Conrad "half a golf clap" for at least commencing the legally-required process he oversees.  Half golf clap rescinded:

The Democratic-led Senate...