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McCain Grills "Old Friend" Hagel On Iraq Troop Surge--Hagel Refuses To Talk

SonofaVet Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 2:28 PM
The effectiveness (or lack thereof, as you imply) was so overwhelming that Fearless Leader tried the same thing in Afghanistan. From that Extreme Right Wing Rag, the NYT: I was no huge fan of W's policies, I'm saying O is no better, and in this case "monkey see, monkey do".
jessierandall Wrote: Feb 01, 2013 12:10 AM
Say what you will about "O", but he's had to clean up the mess he was left - and he did so rather well.

Funny how you guys will find fault with the black President EVEN when he brings down Osama bin Laden.

Craven, paranoid, ignorant jerks can't give the man his due, and you're no different.

Friends after this? We would say in my home state of Minnesota: Not so much.