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Methinks the politician watches too many movies.
TWC has decent internet service, it's been down as often as Barry tells the truth (in other words, pretty reliable). I do a bit of online gaming (mostly MMOPRGs) and a lot of Comcast users aren't too happy with the service they get (periodic outages). I hope TWC doesn't catch whatever disease Comcast has.
To be fair they said "it's for women's health"... they didn't say "good" health.
Well color me surprised. One of the few leftists out there without his/her blinders on. Maybe it's because he's being interviewed by Megyn... I'd probably be too busy drooling to say anything intelligent.
You're welcome! Yes, GA is rather large in San Diego, and they were a spin off from GD. I believe they employ around 8k folks here. Nothing like the 10's of thousands GD had in its prime here. As long as the POTUS likes to blow things/people up from remote control drone production will keep.... booming. Sorry couldn't help myself.
Pete Wilson as well (SD mayor to senator, then CA governor).
I think the biggest single reduction in the San Diego defense industry was when Convair/General Dynamics left Kearny Mesa - that was quite a while ago. GD was the largest employer in San Diego for decades - not anymore. Northrup Grumman and Raytheon had RIFs recently, but what defense contractor didn't? I worked at a division of Hughes that's no longer in the area as well. GD still has NASSCO near Coronado, and there's a smattering of other companies all over San Diego, but it's nothing like the heyday of when GD was the big boy around here. I still work in the defense sector here in Kearny Mesa - but I'm not supposed to divulge more than that ;) These days it's Qualcomm and Dr. Jacobs (and son) who are big BHO supporters (money and activism), along with the imported engineers and support staff from regions that tend to lean left, that are helping to make San Diego more blue in my opinion.
Correction - it USED to be one of the most conservatives.
I've been in San Diego since the early 60's. My kid brother was born at Balboa Naval Hospital - and my father is buried in the veteran's section at El Camino. We've slowly watched the state turn purple then blue - San Diego is turning purple, and went 53% for BHO in 2012. The mayor doesn't have a lot of power in San Diego, the council has more power in my opinion, where Republicans have a slim lead. While the election result feels good right now, the future doesn't look promising due to the reduced military and defense industry presence and the increasing influence of folks like Dr. Irwin Jacobs in the area.
Will they send him to a chocolate jail?
"infamous" ex-pastor would've been more appropriate... hate replying to myself. Need more coffee.
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