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Why else would they (the survey takers) choose NOT to reveal the demographic breakdown of the poll?
After dad's funeral, mom refused to commemorate the DoD condolence letter (signed by the current CIC) because dad's ashes would've reconstituted and the old chief would've taken a massive dump on it. To this day, the flag box has an empty 8.5x11 section as a reminder to the family how dad felt about Barry.
Does it really matter with the "Do as I say, not as I do!" democrats?
Are American voters so shallow that they would compare and choose between these two women on their looks? You betcha! The Nixon/Kennedy debates proved that in the 60's. But seriously, Ms. Garcia seems to have a head on her shoulders and if I were on Kuster's advisory panel I wouldn't want her seen on the same stage either.
None of this matters - say "hello" to the next POTUS. The brain dead masses that make up the plurality of our voters (those that voted multiple times, from the grave, not citizens, on welfare, or all of the above) with the backing of our "main stream" media will have Hillary's back. Anyone or any organization that attempts to put up a concerted effort against her will be audited by the IRS and indicted by the "Justice" Department for some made up crime.
I believe this is symptomatic of the "put the toilet seat back down" mentality, or "train/ask guys not to do it" and they'll magically comply. Akin to "gun free zones", etc. They live in a fantasy world these women do.
You give the man too much credit. He would've posted such a clarification if so, but since he went into virtual-hiding in social media... I doubt it.
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Gosnell's Conviction: One Year Later

SonofaVet Wrote: May 13, 2014 12:11 PM
I would like to know how Gosnell stays alive. The prison population doesn't take too kindly to rapists, pedophiles and baby murderers.
But... but... it's for the children!! Amerika is doooooooooomed.
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