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And your comment shows just how deep in dream land you liberal idiots are. Can not refute the comment so attack the person who writes it. You and yours sound like the Communists back in the cold war hey days.
Post turtle never was and never will be worthy to be President. Sadly his supporters do not care and those of us who do can not seem to get on the same page together.
Anyone but himself while he lives the high life taking multimillion dollar holidays. And the damn fools elected him not once but twice. Our country is no longer a model of democracy if it ever was to look up to by the world.
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Is Paula Deen the Worst American Ever?

Sonny317 Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 10:07 PM
Black is white and white is black and they are what the left says they are when they say it. If everyone who ever used the "N" word was removed from politics I think 99% would be looking for a new job. Not that they work when they are elected. It is very disconcerting to see the press twist things to suit Obozo's agenda. What happened to Benghazi? Oh yeah that is not relevant it is yesterdays news and new scandals to cover up are happening everyday.
She is head of a TEACHERS UNION???? No wonder the children are getting such a sh**ty education!
Millions for holiday but not a penny for history. Money for this family trip would be better spent on White House Tours and food for the homeless.
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Madonna Stands up for Gun Rights?

Sonny317 Wrote: Jun 22, 2013 9:24 PM
Yes or no. Does not matter both sides will find fault with what she says for their own reasons. But at least she has the courage to say what she thinks which too many on BOTH sides are afraid to do for so many reasons. Politically correct has destroyed common sense and justice.
Good for the judge. Military justice is more important than the liberals fighting it. Trying to subvert or influence it by these tactics should not and must not prevail! Too bad the military can not try that other oath breaker Obozo.
Reading this seems she is saying it is okay for Govt to spy on everyone but reporters. I could care less about what the press thinks since most are so biased liberal it is a wonder they can 'report' while standing straight and with a straight face.
It is a matter of religion. But with the present administration in Washington D.C. and civil rights groups war against religious freedom being waged here and now we can not meet the threat. Muslims are allowed to pray in front of us but we can not cross ourselves or speak of our religion in front of them because we may 'offend' them. Well, they started a war of extermination against Christians almost 1,500 years ago and they are still waging it today. While we allow liberals and cowards to dictate what THEY want. WAKE UP We the People. Vote these fools out of office and disband the ACLU and other rights organizations.
We not only need to kick these scumbags out of office we need to demand that the press which is in bed with this administration and the left in general be held accountable for their lies and false premises they purvey.
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