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I have read several books written by English authors about WW I and WW II and they all agreed that it was the UK with a little help from the USA that won the wars. Some even belittled our leadership in those wars while ignoring their own leaders faults. Better to say a joint effort with the USA contributing the vast majority of material and manpower in both wars and in many many cases better generals and strategy.
Bad old American press. Fanning the flames of discontent because they have nothing better to do than try and destroy by print anyone who would stand up to them and even maybe work with them because that person is not one of them.
On the rubbish heap of history. Along with all the other laws and regulations and edicts Obozo and his cronies have managed to pass in their quest to destroy our Country.
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MSNBC: Nuns Are the Latest Threat

Sonny317 Wrote: Jan 08, 2014 3:46 AM
This is disturbing. Seems the liberals can say and do anything they wish and make it true, and the rest of us must conform to whatever asinine statement they utter. Freedom of religion is a right guaranteed under the Constitution BUT you have to conform to the liberals interpretation of that right. How is that freedom of religion?
That is up to 'We the People'. Find and elect persons to Congress that will faithfully execute the laws of the land under the Constitution!! If we do not then it is OUR fault our Country goes down the drain.
Understand they are what they are GLAAD the is, but that does not mean I have to like them or put up with their whining.
Check out what is happening in Thailand if you want to see the Democrats form of Govt. A man not even in the country and convicted of a felony while in office holds more sway over events because he bought the election of his sister. Naked grabs for power are nothing new just the sad truth that we Americans like to think we have the rule of law so we sit back and think the law will eventually solve the problem. Only the law of the ballot and sane election laws will change this quick slide into socialist anarchy. Vote these self serving venal idiots out of office and limit terms for H.O.R. and the senate.
Not worth the paper it is printed on. Another 'peace for our time' mistake. The world will pay for this in the near future.
And yet people still support these liberal fools and continue to vote them back into office. Our Bill of Rights is now our Bill of Non Rights. We the People that elected these clowns in DC need to unelect them and SOON!!!! Once again the ACLU in search of equality has restricted the rights of many to please the rights of a few.
If it does not offend the Indians why should it offend the liberals. Oh that's right the liberals have the right to decide for all of us what is offensive or not offensive and to heck with OUR rights as individuals. More and more when I read what the liberals are spouting it sounds so much like the rhetoric the communists used in the cold war.
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