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Even a dog won't mess in his bed, not the same with these ghetto street trash, it doesn't matter if it is Watts, Detroit, Washington D.C., Rodney King, Katrina, or Saint Louis, it is always the same, and you always hear some moron claim that it is just a few bad apples, really, it's sickening, these people are below human.
More like a waste of toilet paper.
My God, it only took nearly seven years for these two moronic states to wakeup, that Kool-Aid must be real intoxicating, this socialist/fascist seal circus barker is something to behold, there will never be another serial liar like him, God save the King.
What part of "no" doesn't this arrogant race baiting socialist/fascist understand?
Typical anti-Semitic, creating his own history. In your world all these tunnels that Hamas has built must be because they were looking for oil, or a short-cut to the seven virgins.
How long have you been living with your head stuffed up your derriere?
"What difference does it make". About as much difference as Jake Tapper makes, no one watches him, and you can bet this socialist/fascist still supports the Pinocchio Party and Obama.
It takes a little time, but lies always seem to surface at some point, in this case the Pinocchio Party hasn't a ship big enough to carry all of theirs.
What has happened to Lois, did she slip in a pile of Obama dung and hurt herself, God forbid.
That would be fine if we didn't so many robots instead of citizens.
If you read the fine print, it's obvious that the socialist/fascist Democrats can't read at all, that is why they hire experts to do that herculean task for them, what I don't understand is why weren't we able to read the ACA bill on the internet three days before it was voted on, like we were promised, even though it wasn't completely written yet, oh hell, I think I answered my own question, typical lying Pinocchio Party B.S..
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