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Coming from person that is living with his/her head stuffed up their socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party derriere it's no surprise.
How long have you been living with your head stuffed up your socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party derriere?
How long have you been living with your head stuffed up your derriere, you come off as a typical socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party member that still supports the serial liar in the oval office.
In my opinion Obama has been bought and paid for many times over, where I don't think Romney could ever be bought, and doesn't happen very often.
Why don't you send the Black caucus, and while your at it send the whole of your socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party, they can help with the rioting and looting, it's what they are good at.
Stay in the liberal socialist/fascist cesspool brain-dead.
As far as I'm concerned this idiot kid committed suicide, you can't be the victim if you are the aggressor, no matter how the race hustlers try to spin it, I can't wait for the toxicology report, and Michael Brown's friend must take after the serial liar Obama, it's in vogue these days.
You need to get your head out of your derriere, do a little research on black on white crime versus white on black crime versus black on black crime versus white on white crime, then get back to me, the information you are getting is right out of MSNBC.
How long have you been living with your head stuffed up your derriere?
Al Sharpton is one stupid race biting moron, every time he gets involved in one of these incidents, he is wrong and comes out smelling like camel dung, he will never learn, the same goes for Obama, Jackson, MSNBC, and the whole of the left. And the parents of this thug just slay me, I'm waiting for them to say he was such a good boy, while all the time not having a clue what he was doing or where he had been.
Thank God, we need more like him.
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