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Typical socialist/fascist Sacramento, California government.
Weasels, socialist/fascists is much more fitting.
I will go along with you, but Romney would be my first choice, Walker my second, I love Ted Cruz, but please lets elect someone with executive experience. I can not think of one thing this current potentate has done that is positive, he was born a serial liar, and he keeps progressively getting worse.
Typical rabid street trash, supported by the serial lying potentate in the oval office, the head of the department of injustice, and your everyday race hustlers, it happens every time from Watts to today, and working tax payers get to pay for the cleanup, while the whiners come out of the woodwork, poor me, life is so tough for these thugs.
"Not a smidgen of corruption", from the biggest serial liar on the planet.
ISIS will have his head before that happens.
This guy can not function if he is not lying, not a smidgen of corruption, and he believes it, and what is amazing he wants you and I to believe it, there is absolutely no morality in Obama, the Whitehouse, or his Pinocchio Party.
This guy and his Pinocchio Party are nothing but a boat load of lies, there is no other way to put it, there is absolutely nothing redeeming about these people, they act and do just like the Bolsheviks of the past.
Actually this is what you get from the Pinocchio Party, you have a serial liar in the oval office, and the lies roll downhill from there, and if you ask anyone of them they will give you the justification for it.
Bubba is a bigger idiot then I ever gave him credit for, I wonder if he is surprised that he created open season on interns, in fact for him anyone in a skirt will do, with the exception of his wife.
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