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MSNBC has been and will always be a sh!t-sandwich, they will never be rational as far as Israel is concerned, at least until they are personally attacked by terrorist's, even then they will blame Israel. Put your ears on, they will never be peace in the middle-east until there are no more terrorist's
Lois I notice you have changed your moniker, but you haven't changed the fact that your head is stilled stuffed up your socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party derriere.
She probably had to put on her head-dress and consult with the Holy man first. Take it easy on her, she is slightly demented like the majority of the socialist/fascist Pinocchio Party.
So did not having a full blown ID voting requirement.
This whole administration is an absolute waste of toilet paper, socialist/fascist's all.
What the hell is your point?
Yes...but behind that nice smile is a serial liar.
I'm waiting for her to start wearing her tampon ear-rings like her name sake Harris-Perry of MSNBC, can someone please explain why liberal women are so ugly, arrogant, and misguided?
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