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But he was such a good boy, never been in trouble before.
That is because if Obama had a son he wouldn't look like pizza delivery guy, and if the pizza delivery guy was black, Obama still wouldn't claim him, because he doesn't fit with his gun control agenda, what an absolute screwed up society.
As far as I'm concerned that little piece of street trash tried to commit suicide and failed. I hope the Black Congressional caucus will wear hoodies tomorrow, that is if they are at work.
You along with your lord and savior are an absolute waste of toilet paper, keep defending your serial liar.
This is what's happens when news outlets are in bed with the serial liar occupying the oval office, Chris Matthews must have gotten another tingle, life is great in fascism land.
"Not a smidgen of corruption", Isn't it amazing that this potentate can say this with a straight face, and Bill O'Reilly lets him slide, amazing.
"Not a smidgen of corruption", Bill O'Reilly let this piece of sh!t with the lying eyes slide again.
When was the last time Carville has been right about anything, the only exception would be LSU sports.
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IRS Workers Still on Track to Get Bonuses

Sonny13 Wrote: Apr 14, 2014 10:36 PM
Why not, the purpose of these bonuses are to keep mouths shut, the one's that don't lose their careers.
The good old boy club, I'm sorry I meant child, otherwise I would be called a racist.
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