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A never ending flow of socialist/fascist/white racist's.
Just another socialist/fascist/white racist supporting the Pinocchio Party, how Stepanopolous and his like can constantly support serial lying is amazing to watch, it's taken a very long time, but I think the majority of the electorate has finally opened their eye's.
My best naps are when this socialist/fascist/white racist makes an announcement or speech.
Will, we heard you the first time, take it off of fast forward, play it normal speed.
If Will had the balls that Sarah Palin has, he would be a man.
What an absolute surprise, you would think we lived in a democracy.
The Pinocchio Party has got a bunch of bat sh!t that will fill the bill, good God these people are as sick as any socialist/fascist/ white racist's that I have ever seen, get rid of one and ten more get in line, no wonder this state is falling apart.
On top of all of this, this serial lying potentate got elected twice, our electorate has to be the dumbest ever on this planet.
I am so sick of this socialist/fascist/ white racist hypocritical double standard, on top of that these serial lying S.O.B.'s are constantly saying they are the most transparent administration in history.
Typical socialist/fascist/white racist slobbering without a bib.
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