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Obama's Closing Argument: "Voting is the Best Revenge"

SON_of_PERDITION Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 11:51 PM
AmyDB states,"bottom of the barrel Carlos" Dignity and respect for Citizens of the United States who happen to be Gay. Carlos has much to teach AmyDB.
Carlos7 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 11:56 PM
Obama went to Vegas after watching our Gay Ambassador get butchered on 9/11.

His head must be as empty as his heart.

Kirk72 Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 11:56 PM
I hate to be the one to ask, but what does homosexuality have to do with the above column?

Obama the postpartisan healer is a distant, almost quaint, memory at this point.  The Southside pol has been sprinting down the bare-knuckles, "punish your enemies," voting as vengeance road for some time now, so this shouldn't surprise anyone.  What an inspiring and forward-looking message with which to round out your campaign, Mr. President.  Project Hopenchange is dead:

Compare our angry, hyper-partisan...