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Your daughter is an"Employer", and you are an "Employee"? You claim this on your taxes?
Big Government for me and small Government for you. Townhall Conservatives will never admit it.
Big Government recipient.
AmyDB state,"The smaller the difference between the republicant & demoncrap the better for the progressives." Who will you be voting for this November 6, 2012?
I do make room for the slim possibility that Romney will win the populist vote.
Townhall is the "Alternate Universe"!
Townhall has the moral equivalency of, 'The National Enquirer'! Guilty pleasures!
Both Obama and Romney have demonstrated a relatively insipid leadership style. It is difficult to imagine either of them controlling the destructive forces within the conservative movement or the crisis of government spending vastly exceeding its income.
The Republican commitment to remaining a predominantly white party has been profoundly reinforced by growing evidence of declining white support for Obama. Survey data from both the Washington Post and the Pew Research Center show white backing of Obama dropping from 43 percent in 2008 to 37 percent by the end of this October.
Political Obscurity The ruin and hardship inflicted by a natural disaster can reveal truths that political propaganda tends to obscure.
Carlos, please educate me regarding your Christian faith regarding love,justice, and mercy.
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