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Buck O, you are an invalid that sits in your wheelchair all day at Townhall. Keep praying to Jesus for redemption and healing.
Your daughter is currently receiving a pension. Do you believe in small government?
My response was to MoreKowBell. I do not subscribe to Left versus Right ideology.
Dear Sir, you are a Townhall addict. The equivalency of a whoore, alcoholic, or codependent sexual addict. I do rest my case.
The framers of the Constitution also included provisions for the Air Force. God Bless interpretations!
The issue at hand is government and entitlements. Clarification:Federal and the state level.
The issue is government and entitlements. Uber Dave, I have no respect for you. Your,"Liberalism 101" is nothing but a sham. Laughable!
Teachers and Firemen also sacrifice their lifes for the betterment of society. Entitlements? Big Government for me and small Goverment for you. Please bloviate your importance.
Your daughter is an"Employer", and you are an "Employee"? You claim this on your taxes?
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