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Middle East 'Democracy'

Somani Wrote: Apr 11, 2013 2:44 PM
"Democracy in the Middle East context means majority selection of which individuals get the power to oppress. Why would anyone have seriously believed that it would mean anything more than that? Certainly not from the history of the region." While true, freedom of vote is the first step. It's not as if reform can occur overnight, give people the vote and all else will fall into place - it will take decades to achieve something that resembles (the far from ideal) western democracy Unfortunately, attempts to improve the situation of the Middle East are only token gestures seeing as though the biggest problem, Israel, can not be dealt with by the west. The UK and USA have created a monster they are incapable of taming

The Obama administration treated the creation of "democracy" in the Middle East as a Good Thing. Ironically, those who created the United States of America viewed democracy with fear-- and created a Constitutional republic instead.

Everything depends on how you define democracy. In its most basic sense, democracy means majority rule. But there can be majority rule in a free country or in a country with an authoritarian or even a dictatorial government.

In this age of sloppy uses of words, many people include freedom in their conception of democracy. But whether democracy leads to freedom is an open...