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The Decline of College

SolofTexas Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 5:30 PM
I am unconvinced the same is not true in " 'our' elite private schools"
Yes! ... and has for many decades.
I weep for the present. I remember many protests on the Bezerkeley campus and many others in the 1960's. That generation of graduates have been university instructors for years. They have turned out almost 2 generations of progressives. This is a big factor in the current woes.
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You Don't Have to Stay Poor

SolofTexas Wrote: Sep 11, 2013 8:18 AM
We will all be poor until there is a revolution of thought - a modern tax revolution that rejects the concept of production taxation. Until the power of corrupt federal and state institutions is curtailed, we shall mostly be the servants of the government,. rather than government being in service to the people.
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Are We Rome Yet?

SolofTexas Wrote: Jul 31, 2013 11:45 PM
Many do not realize that Rome was once occupied for a short period during the Republic by Trans-Alpine Gauls. The Eternal City" was nearly completely destroyed. Yet Republican Romans had a sense of honor, integrity, and morality that the later Empire lacked. The parallels are staggering.
If there is no adage that "You are what you are named", there should be!
The only chance for restoring capitalism lies in a (bloodless) tax revolution - the repeal of the income tax and introduction of the fair tax. The alternatives are a bloody revolution or slavery for all.
Harold -- I largely agree with you. Ponder that we now call "computers" are more fancy terminals that connect to a "cloud" wherein the true power and leverage of computing lies. Notice "the cloud" is an attempt to centralize and control knowledge, information, and action.
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