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Cue the Semi-Educated, Liberal Attacks on Easter as Pagan

soliton2 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 11:55 AM
So the early Church was wrong and the 16th century Puritans had it right (tradition in particular)? Sorry, I'll stick with the Church.
Joseph64 Wrote: Mar 31, 2013 12:04 PM
From the time of the emperor Constantine, much changed within the church. I could show you Byzantine works of art depiciting a man, the spitting image of who we believe to be Jesus Christ complete with halo and show it to you and you would swear it was Jesus but you would be wrong. The images I am referring to depict Sol Invictus and it is this image that Constantine adopted as the depiction of Jesus that remains with us to this day. The Bible tells us what Jesus looked like and he did not look like a white, long haired hippie. Revelations says that Jesus has hair like wool. Wool, meaning blonde and curly. The idea that Jesus had long, brown hair comes from the depictions of Sol Invictus.

CabinBoy388 wrote: An Easter egg roll without Jesus or religion. Horror upon horrors! How on earth can we ever celebrate the resurrection of Christ without linking it to a Pagan fairy tale? - Obamacare: "Driving Up Unemployment and Insurance Costs Since 2010™"

Dear Comrade Cabin Boy,

Cue the semi-educated liberal who tries to denigrate Christianity by tying it to paganism without any context at all. As usual, your comments make you sound like you have some sort of a thought disorder. Of course you do, but since you’re an unmedicated liberal, it’s to be expected.