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Are we supposed to take this investigation seriously? Unless Cummings is removed this is nothing but smoke and mirrors. The blatant level of corruption on display of late is unbelievable. I actually laugh when any of our representatives have the nerve to criticize any other governments of being corrupt.
I have family that live in NY, Long Island to be exact. I literally get high blood pressure when I have to visit. As soon as I'm back home in GA, I'm fine. Going up there is like visiting a different planet. After this statement I'll never step foot in the state again.
Bottom line this is the type of scum they elect.
The Pro-Life, Pro Gun, should cease paying their taxes!
Then complain to Bill Clinton, he was the one who started the ball rolling with HR 4655.
People can try to spin it anyway they want but Obama is LOATHED by the majority of the military and their family members. While visiting one of my sons on post, someone made a tongue in cheek comment about Obama being a great CnC, in a hot minute he was surrounded. Even after explaining it was a joke, they were telling him you know better than to say his name.
The SOFA was written to be renegotiated based on what was going on at the time. I have a family member who was there and EVERYONE was shocked when it was NOT re-negotiated. Nobody saw it coming! Iraq was about to turn a huge corner toward stability.
We should have taken out the Taliban with extreme prejudice and not given them an inch. Instead we try to win their hearts and minds.......yeah, 2 to the heart one to the mind. By doing this we would have given the Afghan people the security needed to build themselves up. My son spent a year in the deadliest are of Astan, Taliban infested less than 100 miles from the Afghan border. Ask, who do the locals support.......answer? Whoever is winning that day! Our troops KNEW who was Taliban. They were not allowed to touch them. Any villager who so much as said Hello to an American was found the next day with his head chopped off and propped up in the middle of the village. After a dust storm, you could see strands of hair sticking up from under the ground.....kind of like patches of grass.......those were the heads of the locals,, they were buried shallow. But our way of securing the country and giving them "independence" is to let these savages roam freely. See how good it's working?
Look what is going on in Iraq now. It is in the hands of AQ. Another thing, had we kept a small presence on the Iraq/Iran border, there would NOT have been a safe route to get weapons to Syria. After the Surge we DID WIN in Iraq. While not perfect they were well on their way to stability. Billions and Billions of private investment dollars were set to flood the country but the investors were waiting for a new SOFA to be signed. Since Obama ignored Maliki and promised to end the war......even though by the time he became Pres. we were not doing combat ops. he chose to walk away. Now it will be another terrorist state. Thousands of civilians killed since pulled out. Oh, well! There was NO way Obama was going to allow any sort of victory with GWB's name attached to it. What a sick small man.
It wasn't just PC BS that got these SEALs killed. Since Obama has become CnC he uses SF like his own Call of Duty men. They're being overused. One of the main concerns for the Vaughns is the operational tempo for special operations forces in Afghanistan. The CENTCOM report itself notes that in August 2009 the number of monthly objectives was 54. But in August 2011 – the month that the helicopter, "Extortion 17," was shot down – that number had grown to 334 objectives, more than a 600 percent increase in just two years.
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