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Phony Attention Hustler Donald Trump Attempts to Insult Michelle Malkin

Soilo Wrote: Oct 25, 2012 8:37 PM
Several of us homeless people were stretched out for the night under a bridge, me and Sergio and Abdul. Sergio was telling Abdul that he had heard from a reliable source that Buffet had called Obama immediately after Trump made his offer and countered with a better offer of $10 million, $5mil to keep and $5mil to any charity of his choice. Just keep a tight lid on your personal life. Now, that's the truth, no bull. Sergio and Abdul were gone that morning and I haven't seen them since.

Donald Trump, whose "announcement that could change the course of the presidential election" yesterday, which was nowhere near actually being anything that will change the course of the election in 12 days, in now attacking conservative author and mom Michelle Malkin on his Twitter page.



Malkin's response:


Malkin also followed up her response with a barrage of links exposing Trump's phony...