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Soilo Wrote: Jul 05, 2013 8:47 PM
Recently caught an SPCA message on TV, quite a sad and heart-breaking voice asking for monetary donations. They ran a series of pictures of sad looking, abandoned dogs that need someone to care enough to help save their lives. Made me wonder if a series of pictures of aborted children would have the same effect on their hearts. I don't think so and I truthfully don't understand why not.
Several of us homeless people were stretched out for the night under a bridge, me and Sergio and Abdul. Sergio was telling Abdul that he had heard from a reliable source that Buffet had called Obama immediately after Trump made his offer and countered with a better offer of $10 million, $5mil to keep and $5mil to any charity of his choice. Just keep a tight lid on your personal life. Now, that's the truth, no bull. Sergio and Abdul were gone that morning and I haven't seen them since.
Now that it is clear that Obama and everyone associated with him lied about Benghazi, why would anyone with any measure of common sense and intelligence believe that he would be honest about Iran's nuclear power capabilities. Secure the Border..........Si se Puede.
I was glad to see Romney 'change his tune' for the following reasons. The 47 percent that Romney referenced primarily got their infomation, which is grossly filtered, from the MSM. During the debate they received a clear, unglossed picture of Obama and saw what a totally incompetent fraud he really is. Polls now show that a more informed 47 percent have seen the light and are giving Romney a second look. Being from South Texas, I can tell you that many, many Hispanic Texans saw for the first time, thanks to Jorge on Univision, that Obama is not necessarily their friend, nor their Savior as the media has presented him for the past 3 1/2 years. Secure the Border.......Si se Puede y Asi se Va
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