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I'm with you. After this winter, I'm all for climate equality, especially if we can make our climate here in the Midwest equal with, say, Florida.
So far, the tinfoil hat guy has had at least a couple of his theories proven correct (think IRS, NSA).
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Bottomless Brunches Banned in NYC

Soho1950 Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 1:27 AM
If they're not careful, some restaurant owner will sell unlimited champagne in 20 ounce glasses and REALLY be in trouble!
Or Perhaps Harry Reid's praise of Obama for being "clean" and "articulate."
Fine. But do the country a favor anyway and vote Republican this next election rather than stay home crying in your beer. If it is as you say, then you will have lost nothing other than a few minutes spent marking a ballot. If, on the other hand, the system isn't as corrupt as you say, then we just might win back control of the Senate.
This is just another example of the fact that politicians need not possess any exceptional skills, knowledge, or intellect in order to be elected. All one has to do is convince enough sheeple that "I'm fighting for you," or "I care about your problems." Unfortunately, we have legislatures and government agencies full of these clowns simply because we keep electing them.
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7 Lies Liberals Tell Young Americans

Soho1950 Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 12:54 AM
Ah...let's see... the chemical spill was in West Virginia, not Virginia, and could we please have the names of those four states, along with some legitimate references to verify the water isn't potable? Oh, and BTW, ever heard of Chernobyl? There's a wonderful example that your precious central government communist system isn't immune from industrial accidents, either.
You might try sobering up before you post.
Engineer wrote: Of all the quotes jesus, the savior, made, "Loving my neighbor as my self" poses the greatest difficulty. My "neighbors" are atheists, communists, muslims, pagans...the list goes on. None of the above mentioned groups desire to live in peace with me. Many, if not most, would enslave or tax or kill me without a moments hesitation. To which, Jesus would reply, "Exactly!"
Isn't the term "liberal economist" an oxymoron?
Really? I'm retired military,and no one's proposed cutting my pension. Did you get this information from reading the bill itself or from one of those e-mails that gets endlessly forwarded from one gullible person to the next?
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