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The reasons for this are hinted at in the article itself; "Gallup posits that the decline could be correlated with the economy's lackluster performance in the past few years, coupled with increasing frustration with the government and corruption." It's understandable that conservatives would recognize a loss in America's standing and prestige, while liberals wouldn't, since they didn't hold the country in high esteem to begin with.
If you read (and I mean really read, which includes understanding subtlety and nuance) what Barone is saying here, you'll find that he pretty much agrees with you. Liberals love free speech for themselves and their causes, but they hate free speech for anyone who disagrees with them. And yes, there was a time (prior to the 1990s) when the Democratic party actually had a number of statesmen who knew how to disagree over policy without being disagreeable. Sadly, they have degenerated into little more than a mob of snarky bullies who no longer want to debate issues, but simply squelch opposing ideas.
And of course, you - in your infinite wisdom and insight - know more than all of these intel sources combined. If only the president, the military, and all of the intelligence agencies had consulted you first, we wouldn't be having this mess, right? Talk about pathetic...
About the only thing that requires more stamina than playing soccer is staying awake through an entire game.
Just Bush? I'm sure Eisenhower had a hand in it somehow as well.
You forgot the Hampton Honkies ;)
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Mississippi Is Not Burning.

Soho1950 Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 1:18 AM
Uh... David? Allison Grimes is running in Kentucky, not Mississippi.
After the ongoing investigation is completed.
I read your post an hour ago. I'm still laughing!!
And nary a tingling leg anywhere in the house.
I might be willing to listen to Michelle on the subject of nutrition when she can produce some sort of evidence of professional qualification as a nutritionist. Despite what the liberals might claim, a law degree only qualifies you to make a nuisance of yourself.
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