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OK, Pam we got it the first time you posted. Hint: You might try posting something related to the article you're commenting on. Just Sayin'
And just what do liberals know about logic, reason, and reality? The funniest (actually the saddest) thing going is the way you progressives advertise yourselves as educated and intellectual when you can't even put together a coherent argument for any of your pie-in-the-sky ideas beyond the fact that they make you feel superior. That's the real reason you don't want to respond to conservative arguments - you have nothing to respond with.
And let's not forget those plastic "spork" thingies we get with fast food. Those things are deadly in the wrong hands!
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A Halo for Selfishness

Soho1950 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 1:45 AM
What you really mean is, money spent by conservative political groups or candidates isn't speech. Only money spent by unions, environmentalists, atheists, feminists, and gay-rights groups is speech. Does that about sum it up?
Let's see, we have two individuals who have worked hard, using their business skills and talents to make a lot of money - a considerable amount of which goes to providing jobs for lots of people or is given to charitable organizations, versus two political leeches who have never built anything and who suck the economic blood out of the taxpayers of this country. My vote for un-American goes to the latter pair.
Actually, what Katie said was entirely consistent with Byron York's article in the Examiner. She says that there were 50 votes to repeal OR ALTER the ACA. York cites 6 votes to repeal plus another anywhere from 40 to 54 to alter it in some form.
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Jay Carney Leaving White House?

Soho1950 Wrote: Mar 16, 2014 1:32 AM
They might try a used car salesman if they could find one who was willing to put up with the loss in prestige
We might get a more meaningful insight if the approval ratings for "Congress" were divided into questions on approval of the House of Representatives and the Senate as separate entities, rather than lumping both bodies together. Of course, such questions assume poll participants who are informed enough to understand the difference between the two bodies, both in duties and in performance - a rather optimistic assumption.
At least the Koch brothers are (unlike George Soros) Americans who have actually contributed something to this country. BTW, gross, exactly what evil deeds? Being conservative?
At least the Koch brothers are (unlike George Soros) Americans who have actually contributed something to this country.
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