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I assume you're talking about the guy in Topeka some time back. One nut case 2 or 3 years ago does not make the case for "conservatives threatening and murdering abortion doctors." C'mon, SF - is that all you've got?
And here is a quote from that article: "There is no available scientific evidence from controlled studies in humans that cannabinoids can cure or treat cancer." The article discusses marijuana and THC extracts where some studies have shown possible beneficial effects with regard to appetite restoration, pain control, and alleviating nausea. There is also some minimal evidence of cancer cell growth inhibition in laboratory experiments, but nothing in humans. In short, wishful thinking.
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Lambs to the GMO Slaughter

Soho1950 Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 2:06 AM
Besides the folks at the organic food store (who I'm sure have conducted extensive scientific research into this) can you offer any legitimate, independent, peer-reviewed studies that arrive at a conclusion that would verify that, ..."this junk is no dam good?" I've offered that challenge before on other discussion areas, and have never gotten a response besides links to organic food industry blogs or websites. What Norris fails to understand is that the government isn't much interested in regulating something where there's no credible scientific evidence that it's in any way harmful.
Several have. The problem is that any effort to repeal has to pass not only the House (probable), but the Democrat-controlled Senate where it's unlikely it could even get off Harry Reid's desk to come up for a vote. Even if by some miracle it passed both House and Senate, Obama would veto it. If all it took was for someone to "demand" it be repealed, it would have been gone long ago, but it's not quite that simple.
The same idiot basement dwellers that constantly opine as to how the world should operate, and how wonderful things would be if only we would listen to the wisdom they've gained in pursuit of their worthless cultural studies degrees and perusing the opinion pages of Salon and HuffPo.
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The Armpit of Academia

Soho1950 Wrote: Jul 21, 2014 3:01 AM
I wonder when some of these young women will begin to rebel at borrowing thousands of dollars in student loans to pay for the privilege of cultivating hairy pits - something they could have stayed home and done for free.
Do we really need to blacklist this bunch? I mean, do any of them even have legitimate careers anymore or are they just living off royalties?
And the reason they're not ashamed - none of these people nor their minions have the slightest concept of what a lie is, since they have no concept of the truth. To a liberal, truth is whatever they happen to be saying at any given moment.
He would actually have to move way, way to the right to Qualify as a RINO.
The reasons for this are hinted at in the article itself; "Gallup posits that the decline could be correlated with the economy's lackluster performance in the past few years, coupled with increasing frustration with the government and corruption." It's understandable that conservatives would recognize a loss in America's standing and prestige, while liberals wouldn't, since they didn't hold the country in high esteem to begin with.
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