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Sherri Shepherd?@SherriEShepherd Whoever gave #POTUS the Red Bull...keep it coming! Pres Obama was on his game tonight. Bill Maher?@billmaher Libs should be as giddy as a dancing horse, no more Mr. Nice Guy, more Mr. T Touré?@Toure Clear victory for the President tonight
More from twitter: Eva Longoria: Landslide victory for Obama. We saw one President for all Americans on that stage tonight, Barack Obama. #Forward
Paying tax is revenue to the govt. DUH
Btw, Ann Romney is going on the View tomorrow so obviously she doesnt think its such a bad show! I hope the ladies can ask the stuck up witch a few political questions.
Obama IS proposing spending cuts Jim
I do like some Repubs. Meghan McCain, Joe Scarborough.
We can streamline govt. We can also cut spending. I never said either are things we cannot do.
I would say there are ppl on the left and right who can think for themselves.
(takes a deep breath) I will try not to lose my temper. Bonny, that isnt going to happen.
Candy Crowley is on The View right now, and she is getting kudos from the ladies.
That stat is bogus. We can raise a trillion dollars just on revrsing the Bush tax cuts!
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