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Like I said henry, you dont win presidential elections by popular vote
I loved how Obama revealed Romney has invested in Chinese companies that stole JOBS from Americans.
You act as if I'm the only one saying Obama won. Everybody is. Except diehard Romney voters.
reduce it over time How about we teach young women they don't have to be subservient to men, and don't need to have 10 kids? How about we make sure contraception is freely available to all women here and worldwide?
I dont know how long I can stay. I'm a bit worried about D. I haven't been able to reach him since yesterday morning......his phone is turned off. Nobody has seen him, even his room-mates. Chicago can be a dangerous place. So I'm thinking about spending the rst of the day tracking him down.
I'm just giving a sample of what celebrities thought of the debate. I could have listed 30 more.
John King, Wolf Blitzer & Soledad O'Brien last night after the 1st CNN polls came in: Obama did enough to stop Romney's surge
hahahaha Bogus. The actual poll says a 4 pt lead
I will never stop being sickened by the misogny shown toward the View ladies...they are pretty much representative of the opinions of most American women
Sherri Shepherd?@SherriEShepherd Whoever gave #POTUS the Red Bull...keep it coming! Pres Obama was on his game tonight. Bill Maher?@billmaher Libs should be as giddy as a dancing horse, no more Mr. Nice Guy, more Mr. T Touré?@Toure Clear victory for the President tonight
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