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Well I'm not sure where your hearing things at, but this right isn't blaming a "tool", movies. or video games. I actually happen to agree with you on the mental illness, but with mental illness you need to take in consideration that some of these people aren't in the right to differentiate between what's real and what's reality, as in what they see in movies or video games compared to real life. Now,if you look at Columbine, those 2 boys were in a type of lock-up detention center shortly before they shot their fellow students, and were actually let out early for "Good Behavior" b/c they knew "what" to say
So, using your theory why should authorities even bother going after and be so content on taking down the drug lords and drug dealers when, USING YOUR THEORY, their not doing ANYTHING WRONG! It's the people that are USING the drugs, that is the PROBLEM! So we should put our sole concentration on the user of the drug and ignore where and by whom they got the drugs b/c that has no bearing on the problem and by doing that, we will rid the problem. You honestly can not believe your comments. I'm SICK & TIRED of that LIBERAL WAY OF THINKING! THIS COUNTRY HAS SOME OF THE STRICKTEST GUN LAWS & yet you continue to use that same line. How convenient. However,I do agree with you that the mental health issue needs to be dealt with.
Actually, Michelle feels she is co-president..she has actually used this dumb term.Obama doesn't do a thing before running it by her AND Valerie Jarrette.
That is the sweetest thing.
Look..I'm not for Obama either, but the name calling isn't necessary at all. That is insulting to people. I don't get it..you'll cover up the curse word ,but not the insulting word you choose to describe a nationality of people. Don't let this be a sign of your true character..I don't see this as your finest moment.
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