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Time out -- Take Five With the Brubeck Jazz Quartet

soccerman Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 5:25 PM
Thank you Mr. Greenberg for this salute to to a man that, along with Miles, Stan Kenton, Gerry Mulligan and others brought Jazz into the popular mainstream. I remember seeing the quartet with Dave, Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright, and Joe Morello in concert at the Painters Mill Music Fair in Owings Mills, Maryland. I think the year was 1960. What a swinging night!

Dave Brubeck wasn't just a goodwill ambassador abroad with his music and manner, but at home. No one who ever met him left without a good feeling -- and a good story. Here's one:

It was long ago when she was a bright girl from deep in the heart of Texas, but every night thanks to the miracle of AM radio, she could hear broadcasts from across the country, and now and then a different kind of music would burst through the static. Was it on KMOX out of St. Louis or WWL in New Orleens-Land-of-Dreams that she first heard...