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Obama Administration Promises Veto of GOP Budget

socalcon Wrote: May 10, 2012 12:19 AM
Barack can't let it get to a vote... Then, he'll have to veto (which there aren't the required 2/3 votes to override) and --like his quick pivot on same sex marriage-- his hypocrisy will be displayed, because HE will be the obstructionist..... The Emperor will be revealed to have no clothes.
As a part of the budget deal struck last August, automatic budget cuts will hit the federal budget across the board starting next year. Republicans in Congress have been working to try to identify a spending cuts package that doesn't slash Pentagon and Homeland Security funding.

The proposed budget from the House GOP would instead make steeper cuts in social services - like the food stamp program, which is at an all time high - and make cuts to Obamacare. Democrats in Congress have supported many of the GOP's budget proposals, and yet the Obama Administration is...