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On the Gub'mint's behalf, they've had more than 110 years to correct their ineptitude. or, perfect it. hmmm
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CNN Poll: Obama Underwater on Key Issues

socalcon Wrote: Apr 09, 2013 12:14 PM
It appears Mittens got his 47% figure wrong.
Merely listing all the things that McLame doesn't 'understand' would constitute a filibuster, itself.
"Harry Reid barely had more than 30 votes for this thing, proving just how little support a new assault weapons ban actually has." Perhaps Feinstein can find a Sixth-grader to explain "Epic Fail" to her?
the kids on a hand held phone?
"There are a number of solutions that we can push to get money out of politics and make stuff like this illegal" um, JugEars makes a rule of ignoring the Constitution... and you think 'making it illegal' will solve the problem? I know what I find 'odious'...
--But Ed Morrisey notes that much of the press has greeted the New York Times' scoop with a collective meh, despite the ethical and legal questions it raises-- The MSM is aware that The Emperor is above the Law.
"...roads were laid by the Romans (literally) driving on them will rattle your teeth if your suspension isn't very very good." Yet, about what you'd expect from the country originatining the FIAT (fix it again, tony)
From Reason's report: "Overall, 40 states lowered the percentage of their deficient bridges from 1989 to 2008... On the other hand, the number of deficient bridges rose in 10 states: Hawaii, Alaska, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, Ohio, South Carolina, and Oregon." It appears to be a State, rather than Federal Issue. These 10 have "chosen poorly..."
Show both chambers the movie "Dave", if they can't figure out how to budget.
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Friday Fun: Girl Scout Cookie Power

socalcon Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 5:48 PM
Figure any of those girlie scouts are lesbians?
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