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Poll: Obama's Greatest Achievement is Also His Biggest Failure ____ You mean the Nobel Peace Prize?
“The killing of bin Laden, she says, was a bonding experience.” ---The Lefties embrace the (D)Warmongers not the (R)Warmongers.
"I've sent out a rule for my staff and my team and I've said this to Congress, healthcare reform must be and will be deficit neutral in the next decade" He was going to the Olympics for Chicago, too, wasn't he?
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Issa: Jay Carney is a Paid Liar

socalcon Wrote: Jun 02, 2013 2:37 PM
'insinuating, under oath, DC gave orders' Tell me, why is the meat under the fold. Jeez, I hate Carney too. But not more than I hate the Socialist -in-chief.
Not surprising. The school is in Massachusetts.
NYT: White House Says It Didn’t Loop Obama In on I.R.S. Inquiry Um, memo to NYT: the electorate believes that Obama IS the WH. That's why the elected him. TWICE.
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Another Lie From Lerner

socalcon Wrote: May 17, 2013 5:37 PM
I've heard replay of testimony today, on national radio shows, making the same claim: new deluge of 501(c)(4 not 3) applications
Makes orde for Marines/Umbrellas. What about the Military/Stand Down order @ Bengazi?
Ah, the novel 'Sergeant Schultz' defense. Well played.
And the irony is lost on Begala. Little known fact: Begala is translated from a dead eastern european laguage as : The King's cod-piece.
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