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I'm sure the press will get over their tiff and before we know it will be kowtowing to Obama soon enough. After all main stream media believes its their job to help Obama get through these measely lil ole scandals any way they can.
Anyone signing that petition should be tagged/marked as terrorist sympathizers. There is video footage of them carrying out their evil deed. They were caught on film folks. Plus the carjack victim identified them (don't forget they told the carjack victim they did it)!!! So this twitter attempt to gain support for them is just more lib/dem propoganda doing what they always do, trying to dominate the narrative!
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'Gun Control Laws Have Racist Origin'

soapyjeans Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 9:29 PM
Dems created the KKK so is it any wonder that todays dems are still controlling the black population? Banning law abiding citizens from guns guarantees, crooks, murdurers, burglars and thugs will be only ones with guns!!!
The only way to have a deficit is by over spending....duhhhh! Somebody really needs to inform Pelosi how math adds up, rofl!
Dry up law abiding citizens ability to defend themselves is what she means, rofl... Feinstein should be targeting the mental hospital admission policies/and the crooks/bad guys (robbers/thugs) who don't buy guns legally, who don't register them. When the government removes its citizens right to defend themselves, then we are already facing tyranny!!!
I hope that paper gets sued by thousands of residents, rofl... Clearly they published a interactive map for crooks/burglars to use to their advantage. Would you rob a home knowing they had guns??? Crooks/burglars and whackos aren't stupid, they prey on our vulnerabilities!
Well that should make the dems happy since increased insurance premiums is guaranteed to slash those able to afford the increase thus ushering in "government health care", one payer system (socialism 101)! Its what they wanted all along.
Well someone savvy bloggy should check public records on every person employed at that newspaper and print the info online... Whatever they find on the papers staff, publish it, after all it seems if its in public records its ok.
Hillary won't be able to live down or explain how/why she allowed her state dept (she's in charge of) didn't supply our libyan embassy with a marine security detail (after they'd already been attacked and repeatedly requested help)... Yet our barbados and paris embassies had marines???
Its past time to expose lamestream media for spinning obama talking points as facts! Some super pac or rich individual needs to do some informercials on how "biased" liberals newscasters actually are. Liberal moonbats are controlling the media, its time to show america how they do it!!!
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