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Facebook has always been a haven for the Left and their drivel. When you rebut their nonsense they stop you from posting!
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Obama on ISIS: 'We Don't Have a Strategy'

snutt Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 7:57 AM
Obama is certainly not going to destroy what he has worked so hard to create. ISIS has been spoon fed by Obama and his allies from the beginning!
Voter fraud is a threat to our freedoms and should be a Capital offense punishable by death!
They are either the most stupid people we have ever had supposedly serving us or they think we are. Obama and His followers are scum!
Hillary is so strong that her stench matches that of our current Dictator!
Veterans deaths can probably be directly linked to the amount of bonuses paid to administrators of Veterans Hospitals!
If everyone cannot see through this Charlatan by now they must be stupid or a Leftest!
Justice was served and another punk is off the streets. what we have witnessed is the Democrat's teaching put into effect in Furgusen. I' m entitled and I'm Black so I can do what I want because I'm the Victim. I can go where I want and steal what I want because I'm the victim. I can assault who I want when I want because I'm the victim. Wait a minute, a Cop just shot me, see,I'm the victim!
And America has no worse enemy then harry and his friends!
Importing illegals to ride on our backs. There aught to be a Law. wait a minute, there is. Why are our Laws not being followed. Oh, it's Obama again!
I will go and live in Israel and He can go live with ISIS and we will see which of us lives the better life!
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