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Dem Lies are the Life Support for Obamacare

snutt Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 7:18 AM
Conceived as a Lie. carried in the Womb of the Democratic Party as a Lie, born a Lie and proven a Lie by the Supreme Court. Obamacare, the cornerstone of Democratic accomplishment!
Love for illegal immigration equates to hatred for the United States Workers. Sorry Jeb Bush and Leftest Democrats you got it wrong. The love you feel for all those illegals flooding our country is not in response to their supposedly desperate situations but to the flood of cheap labor in the form of people who are used to a Socialist type government dictating their every move. They will work for less and destroy the good paying jobs that are now being held by our own citizens and that is exactly what you love them for. Yes, they will destroy our Society, they will pull us into socialism, they will downgrade and ruin our safety net for the poor and yes, you will love it!
A bumbling idiot when he was President and a bumbling idiot now!
Nobody said they had to be Females!
It doesn't seem to matter who's in charge of the Hog Troth known as Washington DC, they all still want to be belly deep in our tax dollars and asking for more. Look how we have mismanaged the Trillions we already take from you. That should be proof enough that we need more. What's the problem?
Islam is a sickness of the soul and needs to be eradicated at all cost!
Giving more money to a government that cannot even keep track of where it goes to is foolish. It would just disappear into the Hog troth of political appetite without achieving anything constructive. Each year they consume more of our tax dollars with no noticeable increase benefits to either infrastructure or society. Giving more money to this President and Congress is like giving more money to a crackhead on welfare!
Crash my party Protesters and you wont just be playing dead!
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Jeb Bush's Immigration Problem

snutt Wrote: Jan 04, 2015 8:39 AM
What an idiot. First we were taught to curb the number of children we were having to only those we could afford.Then Women were encouraged to abort those they conceived. Then we are told that illegal immigrants coming here and getting on Welfare then have more and more children is a good thing.Democrats and RINO's like Jeb cannot even keep their lies straight. We do not need more people to compete for jobs that do not exist nor do we need more people to ride on our backs. We do not need a bunch of fertile Feral humans to turn our nation into the same thing they are supposedly escaping from. Who stands to gain from illegals who are already indoctrinated into the socialist mindset? Politicians in the Leftest Liberal Progressive Democratic party and this includes their stealth members known as RINO's that's who!
MOM's means Morons of Morons! Trying to pretend they are concerned Mothers when in actuality they are simply a Left wing organization out to destroy the Constitution!
This article is right on. I could not have said it better if I tried and had a year to write it in. It has expressed my feeling on every issue!
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