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United Nation is now backing the Invasion and destruction of the United States. Obama's plan is succeeding!
Obama is seeking more immigration funds not to deport but Feed, Cloth, House, and Educate more illegals on taxpayer dollars
I bet the orders were to go through all of their Emails and documents and destroy anything that would reveal the depth of corruption of this Obama Regime!
Undocumented Democrats or illegals, same difference. Both are Blood suckers wanting to live on the backs of United States citizens!
Take His Pen and stick it up His Democratic Hole. Take his Phone line and tie it around his neck and let him free fall for a few feet. He is using illegals as a weapon against the very people he is SUPPOSED to Represent. He is guilty of treason and should be prosecuted and executed!
Another trained Monkey sent out to lie to the people!
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Another Step to 8 Million More Voters

snutt Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 7:07 AM
Democrats strive to protect the vote of their base by wanting Felons to vote!
I see no evidence of wrong doing and I'm not going to look!
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Blocking Faith, Family and Freedom Websites

snutt Wrote: Jun 24, 2014 5:00 AM
As I have said before, the left is not interested in Educating our Children but are interested in Indoctrinating our children
The Left in the guise of Pelosi happily use the Worlds cheapest commodity, humanity, as a weapon of mass destruction against the Citizens of the United States!
Put Bug zappers on the Boarder and tie them into our Satellite surveillance systems. Clear our side back a mile and let the fun begin. States could sell tickets to watch the display!
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