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Chris Matthews Apologizes for "Glad Hurricane Happened" Comment

snuffy88 Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 2:57 PM
We all know what you were happy about, Mr. Matthews. You're so giddy your candidate looked good in the wake of the hurricane that that's all you cared about. A few hours of him looking "presidential" and America can forget all of his failures, gigantic spending sprees at taxpayers' expense, lying and self-absorbed campaigning for the "greater good" of all mankind. In short, he gets the high life, his supporters get their means-tested welfare benefits, and the rest get the shaft, I mean, the bill for the cost. Every job lost is one less taxpayer to pay the bill. No amount of taxing the rich will offset the spending of this bunch, no matter how much they legislate to confiscate.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews has apologized for his insensitive remarks about Hurricane Sandy last night on his show.